Autumns Hottest Fashion Trends

Is there a more beautiful time of year than Autumn? As the season's change, daylight begins to get a little more sparing, and we're treated to a cacophony of colours. Leaves change from the vibrant green of summer to languid browns, yellows and reds. Sunsets become more radiant, and the sky gives us some theatrical views

In many ways, we match the changing seasons. Our summer clothes get packed away for another year. T-shirts and shorts get replaced with mittens and scarves. Rainjackets and jumpers replace swimwear.

With that in mind, as we move swiftly through Autumn, it's time to pay attention to the hot new fashion trends sweeping the nation. With the significant fashion shows finished, we can look at how these catwalk pieces have translated into everyday wear. So let's focus on some of the most eye-catching autumn trends.



From fashion shows in Milan and Paris to Dublin's leaf-strewn streets, knitwear is everywhere this season. Thick woolly jumpers, comfy cardigans and even gender-fluid cardigan vests are this season's must-haves. As usual, Cashmere remains the material of choice when we focus on knitwear. However, less expensive materials are also sought out. Anyone who gets chills just thinking of these icy Autumn winds should be soothed with the knowledge that turtlenecks are very much in this year. A thick turtle neck, paired with a woolly scarf, can help fend off even the coldest gusts of winds. Make sure you're on trend by checking out our Knitwear range.


The Plain White Tank Top

When it comes to high fashion, it doesn't get much more straightforward than this. Even household names like Prada released a variation of the white tank top with their iconic triangle logo. This piece's resurgence is the culmination of the ongoing trend toward wardrobe basics. Frankly, it doesn't get more basic than a plain white T. Still, basic doesn't mean simple. A plain white t-shirt can act as a baseline to build layers around. After all, white goes with just about anything.

Also, we offer a few more complex plain white t-shirts that can be worn to the office or a semi-casual event. See our S'Oliver Ecru Blouse With Piping or our S'Oliver Ecru T-Shirt With Crocheted Lace.


Colour Blocking

A trend that perhaps favours the bold and those who like many colours. This trend casts aside the conventions of colour clashing and instead embraces radiant colour matching. Think pairing mustard yellows with sky blues or vivid pinks with solid oranges. Indeed, it's a trend not for the faint of heart. For a more refined look that's still bursting with personality, try adding some brightly coloured accessories to your outfit. We suggest viewing our Magenta Leaf Design Evening Bag or our rich red phone pouch.


The above are just some of the trends happening this Autumn. Let us know your opinion on the above. View our ever-growing collection of on-trend women's clothing and accessories on our e-commerce store.


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