Buying the Perfect Belt Online

Fashion trends and accessories come and go. The short shelf life of fashion is what makes the industry so fast-paced, so dynamic and let’s face it, so much fun. However, while those statement dresses or those power suits soak up the Oohs and Ahhs when discussing fashion, a balanced wardrobe is really made up of staple accessories. Staple accessories are functional and can always be relied upon to blend with the latest pattern, colour or fabric must-have.

With the above in mind, we’re going to take some time to discuss the oftentimes neglected belt. Every ladies wardrobe needs a few belts. And while buying in-store allows us to pair the colour and texture of belts with our clothes, finding the right belt to match an outfit can be a little trickier online. Therefore our crack team of ladies fashionistas has put together this belt buying cheat sheet to make buying a belt online or anywhere else for that matter, a little easier.


Pair a Leather Belt with Straight Leg Jeans

A pair of straight-legged jeans could very well rival a belt for pure wardrobe ubiquity. Everyone has a pair of reliable straight legged jeans that go with almost anything. However, to add a bit of glamour to that casual denim look we recommend pairing jeans with a skinny leather belt.
If your wardrobe is overflowing with jeans we recommend picking up a few skinny belts that you can use to mix and match.


Pair a Designer Logo Belt with Baggy Trousers


The flowy baggy trouser trend isn’t going anywhere. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez seemed to have packed away their skinny jeans, preferring instead to strunt the red carpet in wide-leg trousers. If you’re getting in on this trend but need a little something to keep these loose trousers around your waist, we recommend pairing flowy trousers with a skinny designer logo belt. The belt should match the trouser colour. The metallic gold or silver buckle can then be used to add a splash of flair and colour to your outfit.

Pair an Obi Belt with an Oversized Shirt or Maxi Dress

The Obi belt is still reigning supreme as the queen of high and casual fashion. These bang on trend belts can make a comfortable oversized shirt look chic and modern, perfect for adding a little bit of style around the office. For more formal occasions, Obi belts are also perfect when worn with maxi dresses.

We hope the above makes buying a belt online a little bit more straightforward. To see our range of Dublin belts, check out our online store now. If you have any belt outfit suggestions, please let us know in the comments.


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