How to Wear a Scarf

As we move into the colder seasons, the scarf becomes an indispensable part of a wardrobe. Luckily, this humble neck protector is available in wide varieties. Also, there's an almost limitless number of possibilities regarding how to pair a scarf with an outfit. A patterned scarf can add depth to a plain-coloured jumper. A bright scarf can add a much-needed splash of colour to practically coloured autumn outfits.

However, to help you look your best when using a scarf, we will look at the basic principles of how to wear the various scarf styles available.


Blanket scarf

Of all the scarf varieties we're going to look at today, the blanket scarf is probably the most literally named. As the name suggests, these scarves are enormous and look like you're wearing a blanket. They are usually square-shaped. The plaid blanket scarf has recently become a trendy autumn outfit accessory. Of course, plaid isn't the only style that suits a blanket scarf. To make a statement go with chequered patterns, tartan scarves or, for the truly adventurous, even leopard print. The best way to wear the scarf is draped over your shoulders. To ensure the accessory doesn't overwhelm the outfit, it's always best to select a muted colour palate.


Infinity scarf

This is one of the newer varieties of scarf that have become popular in recent years. These scarfs are essential loops that you pop over your head. In winter, you should be looking for a cotton, silk or wool blend scarf with a plaid or solid colour pattern. We highly recommend matching the scarf with a single or double colour outfit for the best results, as they tend to clash with highly colourful outfits.


Long Scarf 

Sometimes known as oblong scarfs, the long scarf is easily the most popular variety. Their popularity is probably down to their versatility. The length allows the scarves to be knotted, loose or looped. Therefore this scarf type can be worn in the summer, autumn or winter. For best results, either go with a simple pattern or solid colour design and ensure the primary colour used in the scarf complements the primary colour used in your outfit. For example, consider matching greys with blacks or creams with pale blues.


Shawl Scarf 

These scarves are so large that they resemble shawls. The shawl scarf can be draped over your shoulders and allowed to hang loose past your waist. When purchasing a shawl scarf, look for a rectangle or square shape. Also, you want it to be long enough to cover your entire body. For summer wear, think light fabrics, while during the winter, consider thicker woollen blends.

The above are just a few ways to wear a scarf. To view our collection of scarves, please visit our e-commerce page. We regularly update our scarves to ensure you get the best designer pieces.


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