Pairing Accessories with an Outfit

No matter how much of a statement your outfit makes – be it an eye-catching jumpsuit or a vividly coloured figure-hugging dress – no ensemble is complete without accessories. Whether it's carefully chosen jewellery, a small clutch bag or even something as simple as gold earrings, accessories are the flourish that completes an outfit. While no ensemble is complete without accessories, it's equally possible for the wrong accessories to clash with or undermine your outfit's theme.

Colours that don't match, jewellery that pulls focus, or a clash of styles between an outfit and an accessory can cause an unintended fashion faux pas. Luckily, by following some straightforward principles, you can make sure your jewellery and fashion choices always make a statement. In today's blog, we'll explore how to choose accessories to complement any outfit.


Choose Accessories that Compliant your Clothing's Colour and Detail

The golden rule of accessorising is to create one cohesive outfit, not a disparate set of elements. Therefore, when pairing accessors like bags, choose a colour that matches the detailing of your clothing. For example, pair your trousers with a striped belt or scarf if your trousers are striped. If the hemline of a shirt is patterned, try complimenting this pattern with similarly patterned jewellery.
Of course, suppose you're in a more adventurous mood. In that case, you can inverse this rule and choose accessory patterns and colours that contrast your outfit.


Keep it Simple

It can be tempting to go overboard on the accessorising front for significant events like weddings or ladies' day at the races. This is almost always a mistake. Too much jewellery will undoubtedly begin to clash, and when you're hands are full of scarves, gloves and a bag, they will inevitably become a distraction. With this in mind, please keep it simple by only having a few accessories. Two to three pieces are enough. Any more, you risk overpowering the outfit and undermining the ensemble's cohesion.


Avoid Conflicting Metal Colours

When it comes to pairing accessories, there are few absolute rules. Most suggestions should be considered way pointers to help you find the right pieces for your outfits. However, clashing metal colours is always a mistake. Luckily this fashion no-no is easily avoided. So dodge wearing a gold necklace with silver jewellery. And don't wear a silver watch with gold bracelets.

The above are just some guidelines for pairing accessories with outfits. See our always-updating accessory store to shop the best Ladies' Accessories in Dublin.


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