Tips for buying a hat online

Nothing quite completes an outfit like a hat. Most formal outfits can be enhanced with a carefully chosen piece of headwear. Whether you're going to a wedding, ladies' day at the races or celebrating a religious milestone of a loved one, a hat can make a statement.

However, a lot of us can still be a little bit intimated when purchasing a hat online. Unfortunately, this fear can prevent individuals from taking advantage of the vast range of hats available on e-commerce websites. In today's blog, we'll share a few pro tips on making sure you purchase the right hat online.


Purchasing the Right Sized Hat

This is one of the common stumbling blocks individuals face when purchasing a hat online. Like any clothing type, when buying online, selecting just the right size can be challenging. Hats pose a particular problem as while we'll undoubtedly know our waist and shoulder size, it's unlikely we'll know our head size.

Still, it's pretty easy to determine your hat size. All you need is a ruler and a thread. To begin with, wrap the yarn around your head. Make sure it traces from your brows to the upper nape of your neck. Mark the length with your finger. Then use the ruler to measure the length of the thread. Make sure you know the length in inches, as that's the most common measurement on clothing e-commerce sites.


Selecting the Right Size

The second thing to consider is the actual style of the hat. The style of the hat will be determined by the event you're going to. In many ways, wedding hats have a unique look compared to formal ones for formal events, i.e. ladies' day at a racing event. Often, wedding hats will be categorised as a headpiece. So when shopping for a wedding outfit, see the headpiece section rather than the hats section.


Understand the Returns Policy 

No matter how carefully you pay attention to the hat's description and style, sometimes, you will need to return the item. Therefore, before you purchase a hat, always consult the returns policy to make sure you can return your hat and get a full refund.

The above are some basic tips on buying a hat online. Beau Boutique has some of the largest collections of Dublin hats. We carefully select beautiful ladies' hats and headpieces from some of Europe's best designers.


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