Our Clothing Collection

As one of Dublin’s premier ladies’ clothing boutiques, we help women of all ages find the best pieces. Our expert buyers combine the latest information on seasonal trends with an understanding of what makes a piece of clothing timeless. Our e-commerce store sells an extensive range of dresses and jumpsuits. Our expert buyers have sourced all our dresses, and the collection is available to our clients based on their beauty, the quality of the material and, of course, their value for money.
With our clothing collections, each piece has been sourced from our network of European designers.
A couple of times a year, our buyers visit Europe’s fashion capitals, including Milan, Paris and London, to source the newest, most awe-inspiring pieces.
From occasion dresses to everyday knitwear and high-fashion trousers to practical and beautiful coats and jackets, we are your one-stop fashion boutique for everything your wardrobe needs.